Dolce Noir [2019]

The Dolce Noir type family consists of a number of text typefaces designed for extensive text use. It was assigned by DOLCE Publishing to be used in their Polar magazine, a magazine about (neo-)noir literature, and other editions. The brief asked for a set of typefaces for large amounts of texts, with a variety of styles that can help create a multitude of typographic voices and support a rich typographical hierarchy with a contemporary look and feel. This was achieved with the design of two main styles with the same weight, one contrasted and one monolinear, accompanied by their respective italic, monospaced and monospaced italic variations, each one with its own character and individual design traits (see the images below for more details). The family is completed by two display variations; one rounded sans and one expanded sans, while the upright Serif variant also supports Polytonic Greek. Additionally, a more complex color was achieved by allowing each script (latin vs. greek) to maintain its traditional innate characteristics intact and separate from one another, avoiding easy latinisation pitfalls while preserving consistency in terms of typographic color. For a more thorough presentation, view a detailed specimen of Dolce Noir. The typeface was awarded at the 11th GRANSHAN Type Design Competition, October 2019 (3rd prize / Greek–Latin typefaces). All the text samples presented below were designed by DOLCE.