Atypical offers three (3) different types of licensing and four (4) sets of user groups to choose from. See what use is permitted/appropriate for each license and what type of font formats each license provides below (the following are concise descriptions of each license; for detailed permissions and restrictions of each license, please read the eula).

Desktop license

Select this license if you want to use our fonts in any kind of print application. You will get an .otf file for each purchased font which you can install in as many computing devices as stated in your license.

Web license

Select this license to use our fonts in any kind of web environment. You will get a .woff and an .eot file for each purchased font. You can use these files on any number of domains and/or websites that you own and/or operate.

Screen license

Select this license if you want to use our fonts on any app, e-publication and/or broadcasting production. You will get a .ttf for each purchased font which you can use in any number of apps, e-publications and/or broadcasting productions.

Please note that you can select more than one licenses upon checkout. Any combination is possible. That is, you can purchase your fonts and license them for desktop/web use or desktop/screen use or web /screen use or, eventually, desktop/web/screen use. The price multiplication factors, as formulated according to the license type and/or the selected number of users, are presented in the following table.

↓ License type / Number of users →1 – 1011 – 5051 – 100101 – ...
Desktop× 1× 1.333× 1.666× 2
Web× 1× 1.333× 1.666× 2
Screen× 1× 1.333× 1.666× 2
Desktop + Web× 1.5× 1.9995× 2.499× 3
Desktop + Screen× 1.5× 1.9995× 2.499× 3
Web + Screen× 1.5× 1.9995× 2.499× 3
Desktop + Web + Screen× 2× 2.666× 3.332× 4

Table 1. Price multiplication factors per license type/number of users

Trial fonts

You can try an typeface before you purchase it. Just send an email with your request and we will get back with the typefaces you want.

Free updates for life

Once you sign up and make a purchase, you are entitled to any future updates of your fonts for free and without any limitation or additional cost. You can always re-download them from your online account @ any time and as many times as you want to.