In order to make a purchase, you will need to create an account at (we assure you that no personal data will be used for any purpose other than your online identification and the generation of an invoice when you make a purchase). Currently, only two payment options are supported:


By using PayPal you will be able to download the font files you purchased directly after the PayPal payment process is completed successfully. It is a rather quick and safe process. Also, no additional service charges will be asked from you.

wire transfer

Selecting to pay via wire transfer is an asynchronous process. You will be asked to make your payment to our bank account (in Greece) and you will receive the font files you purchased right after your payment is processed. This could be a slow process (given the fact that transferring money from one bank account to another could take up to several days in certain occasions), it is definitely a safe process. There is a chance though that a service fee will be asked from you from your bank.

Refunds policy

Please note that we will correct any errors and/or replace any broken fonts in case of a malfunction after a purchase. However, given the digital nature of the font files, no refunds can be made after the purchase of a font.


Please note that no VAT is charged for customers outside EU. For EU customers there is the option to provide your VAT identification number upon the creation of your Atypical account. Your VAT identification number will be visible on any accompanying invoice.

Academic discount

An additional 30% discount is offered to design departments that are interested in purchasing our Basic Library or Complete Library. Please contact us to see if you are eligible for an academic discount.