About Atypical

Αtypical is an independent commercial type foundry initiated and operated by George Triantafyllakos (a.k.a. backpacker.gr) from the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. Its goal is to offer original text and display typefaces that are in line with current designers' needs and able to face contemporary design challenges and problems. Atypical fonts are available in a wide variety of styles, weights and languages, supporting more than 200 latin based languages, plus Greek (of course — εξάλλου, η δημιουργία πρωτότυπων ελληνικών γραμματοσειρών ήταν ίσως το βασικότερο κίνητρο για την δημιουργία του Atypical).

Young designers call

Atypical aims at becoming a welcoming platform for young type designers to showcase and promote their work. If you think that your work is close to the look and feel of the Atypical fonts library, send it to us, we'll review it and you can become a part of the Atypical family. The only basic requirements we have is that (a) what you send us is original, and (b) it supports the latin plus character set, plus Greek (of course). However, even if that's not the case but we really like what we see, we can guide you through the process and help you complete it.

Custom work

If you need a custom typeface, a customised version of one of our typefaces, have any inquiry or remark, or want to become a part of the Atypical family, drop us an email at info@atypical.gr